Mirpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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About Us

Welcome to Monipur School & College

Monipur School & College is a secondary school located in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It is also known as MUB.

The school has been a consistent performer in Dhaka Board's SSC examinations since its inception. It has an enviable reputation of producing some of the brightest high school graduates in South Asian nation. The school adheres to strict moral teachings of Islam and the sense of discipline it instils on the minds of its students tend to reflect heavily in its SSC results each year. The school is indisputably recognised as one of the finest private schools in the country

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A huge number of international students choose the MUB every year. We will give you special support from the moment you apply throughout your time in the MUB. So if you decide to join the thousands of students, congratulations - we can assure you that your decision is a wise one !

Fuelling the future

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Thinking about what to do with your life? Think MUB might be right for you? If you've thought about embarking on a course of education study, please contact us or look at our admission information online to help you decide and begin the process.

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MUB always did a great result in both S.S.C. & Scholarship exams. In 2008, this school became 3rd in whole country in S.S.C. result achieving 652 A+ and 2nd for the percentage of passing. In 2009, MUB again did the same result by getting 556 A+.